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For the last few years I've tried to publish derived data products as supplemental materials with DataCite DOI through the CyVerse Data Commons.

Preprints & Supplemental Materials

Swetnam et al. 2023

Published Supplemental Materials

Gillan et al. 2021

Gillan et al. 2019

Swetnam et al. 2021

Swetnam et al. 2017

Unpublished and Community Curated

Arizona Experiment Station - remote sensing data

Santa Rita Experimental Range & Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed - NEON-LTAR project data

Jemez River Fuels Inventory - Nature Conservancy Pilot fuels project data

Awesome Lists

Awesome Open Science - My personal awesome list of open source communities, approaches, tools, and software for doing open science.

Awesome Fire Science - My personal awesome list of open source tools and data for wildland fire and forest research.

Awesome Community Datasets - in collaboration with my colleague Samapriya Roy , a list of several hundred public datasets that have been ingested to Google Earth Engine using STAC Catalog .

Old lab journals and webpages

Before transitioning to GitHub I used an Atlassian Confluence Wiki hosted by CyVerse for several years to organize my lab materials. Those archived pages are here

My second professional website is archived here

My first professional website is archived here